13 July 2011

Special Treat - San Carlos SCUBA!

I have a special treat for you guys today. This special treat is my first ever blogsitter. I know, super exciting. And it isn't even a blogger. It's way better than that. In it's own words, "this blogging thing is hard. I don't want to do it again."
And with that, I leave you with my lovely hunk-a-man, Jake!
{leave him lots of love and encouragement, guys!}

Arrr!! Good evening to all ye landlubbing bloggers and boogers,

I regret to inform ye that Miss Brittany Lew's blog has been commandeered by none other than the terrible... the dreadful... the ghastly, Jacob Tyrant, The Roofless. I have just returned from me Mexican voyage, conquering the waters in the Sea of Cortes, and I have been asked to share the tales of me adventures with you all. And by share me tales with ye, I mean I shall mostly just show ye pictures.

Here is the port that me terrible crew and I disembarked from. Twas a bit odd to see such a cacti-filled environment wrapped around the ocean, but it captured me satly heart.

We were caught in a broadside battle with this rusty ol' pirate (fishing) ship. Their puny cannons were no match for our crew nor our weaponry. 


Have no fear you dogs, all is well in the bottom of the sea with me helmsman (brother-in-law), Bryce, the Brave-hearted

WE'RE UNDER ATTACK!!! That monstrous sea lion dared to battle with the likes of me...

Them cowardly beasts made the right choice and fell back to their rocky retreat.

I captured this vicious crustacean with me bare hands! ARRR!!!!

Me favorite starfish in the deep. This black, spiked fiend was the most terrible stationary beast down in Davey  Jones' Locker.

I hope ye all now understand the greatness of me terribleness, and why they called me... Jacob Tyrant, The Roofless.

                                                   Yours Truly,

What a goof! But that's why we love them, right?


  1. HAHA I love how the pirate in him came out to write about this lol awesome.

  2. Jacob Tyrant the Roofless, this post made me laugh so hard! Arggg! You make comandeering the scurvy seas look like so much fun... well done, blogging noob.