21 July 2011

Mom & Pop.

I think one of the best parts about the South is the cold hard fact that they have the most delicious food around, all thanks to the cute little Mom & Pop diners that you can find on every corner, just like we find McDonald's on every corner around here!
These were some of the ones we love.

1. Angus Barn
Everytime we come to North Carolina, eating here is a must! It was seriously the highlight of my week.

2. Ole Time Barbecue
We saw this quaint little place on Food Network and decided we had to try it. So charming and delicious eastern Carolina style barbecue.

3. The Pit
The Pit was featured on Man vs. Food, and the ribs that Papa Lew Whoo ordered beat Bobby Flay's ribs. I think the level of delish goes without saying.

4. Bski's
This was probably my favorite lunch meal that I had all week. I guess a "ski" is like a pita, but in a tortilla, and grilled? I don't know, but it tasted like the most delicious pitaquesadillaburrito I've ever had. Which was just this one time. And anywhere with a cupboard under the stairs is okay by me!

5. Harvey Mansion
A mansion from the 1800's made into a restaurant. What could be more Southern than that? It was kind of a  more fancy pants night, but sooooo delicious.

I'm going to miss being this spoiled.

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  1. Wow! Those all sound amazing!! I think I saw that man vs. food episode!