10 July 2011


Our first day in Raleigh was pretty amazing. Just waking up and knowing that I was here made my day.
Our first stop, of course, had to be my favorite fast food restaurant in the south.

{via, I forgot to take a picture of the big star on the wall, so when we go back I'll post one with me. :) }

Maybe you're a little confused. It's ok, so was I the first time I saw this beautiful, familiar yellow star and my family told me, "No, it's not that sicknast Carl's Junior that we have back home in Phoenix."
This star actually belongs to Carl's Junior's sister restaurant, Hardee's!
I can't even tell you how much I adore this fast-food establishment of deliciousness.
Not only are the burgers yum yums, because they are actually char-grilled when you order them, but I've never seen such amazing service in a fast-food restaurant. Southern hospitality, lemme tell ya..

After that, we went to a place that the front desk recommended for us.


The North Carolina Museum of Art is one of the largest museums in the US, because it consists of the two gallery buildings and a trail that includes art as well.
I've never been to an art gallery before, and it was so inspiring. Oh, and free. That always helps.
My favorite artist/photographer was Anthony Goicolea. I could have stayed at his exhibit all day.
I'm pretty sure that when I get home I'm going to sign up for a photography class. I think I'd love it.

So I think I'm going to try our my amateur photographer skills the rest of the trip.
Bare with me. 


  1. That burger looks freakin' yummy. I love art museums!!! :)

  2. that picture of the tree is awesome! and now you have me intensely wantin one of those burgers!
    haha, and your comment totally made me laugh!