03 July 2011

I can't sit still.

A few days ago, my friend Ashley posted a sweet little post about her mom and dad's song.
She ended by asking what her follower's songs were.
And I don't know why, but I've been feeling like I should post mine. And by mine, I mean me and Jake's.

I know it's a cheesy video. But if you listen to the lyrics, they are beyond adorable.

One day, sophomore year, a bunch of friends of mine were hanging out. Since Jake didn't have a car, we picked him up on the way there. I had a CD playing that Katie had made for me, and when this song began he asked me what it was. I nonchalantly told him, and continued singing along.

Flashforward a couple months, and Jake and I are hanging out before I go away for the weekend. Same car, same CD. We sit in the car for a long while talking and listening to awkward silences. When the song comes on, Jake begins to sing. At the chorus, he turns to me and says "this song reminds me of you" and leans in for our first kiss.

Moral of the story?
16-year-olds are awkward and cheesy, but those are some of my favorite moments.
Those moments where you can't sit still because you know you're with someone, not just anyone.

What's your song?


  1. Oh man I love cheesy. But truly, I do. I agree, they are some of my most favorite moments. Mine and Ammon's song is Lovely Tonight by Joshua Radin. We would always dance to it:) Before I said goodbye to him went went to a little park by the church and danced to it. Again, cheesy. But my favorite:)

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