09 July 2011

Southern at heart. ♥

This weekend, Jake and I both decided to go down south on vacations that we've been waiting for all summer.
Jake is taking a diving trip here:

{San Carlos, Sonora, Mexico}

And I am in one of my favorite places ever:

{Jake and I, 2009}

North Carolina!
As we flew in over Raleigh, I swear that looking down at the landscape was like seeing a land sprinkled with stars. The lights of the small city twinkled through the trees, and it was almost like Disneyland when I walked out into the cool air with it's perfect vegetation. 
Everytime I come here I'm reminded that I'm Southern at heart.

Hopefully I will be able to post pictures of mine and Jake's adventures, and then I can help you fall in love with this adorable little state as much as I have.


  1. Love your color scheme! Sounds like a great trip! :) I love to see other people in LOVE! It's so great,no?


  2. I feel the same way!! I think I belong at those horse races in a cute overthetop retro dress and huge straw hat! hahaha love you girl!

  3. AH the south!! I must get myself over there sometime and partake of this magic.