22 July 2011

Last stop.

New Bern is definitely one of my favorite places in North Carolina. It is the cutest little town that the townspeople have tried so hard to keep authentic and historical.
It's like going back 300 years with my time-turner.
As soon as we got there, we went to see my priest-uncle and he took us around the little town and told us it's history and showed us the beautiful river that the town sits on.
The next morning, before our lingering flight, my dad and I took hike through Croatan National Forest.
Let's just say, I didn't like it as much as our last one.
Giant spiders attacked me in the dark forest per Aragog's request
Our hike was quickly ended.

I'm so sad that our trip had to come to a close.
But I know I'm blessed beyond measure to get to experience these wonderful things with my dad.

Back to real life!


  1. those pictures are awesome babe! and i know what its like to have spiders sent on you... curse them. and that picture of the tree with its roots in the water, i want it.

  2. How beautiful! This past weekend I was in Charlotte, NC. I LOVED it! I live in Virginia now, I'm originally from New York, but I am a huge fan of North Carolina :)