30 April 2011

What entertains me when I'm sick.

♥ Big Boy is funny when he sleeps.
♥ I don't know why I waited so long to read this. It was tucked away in some corner, so when I found it today I sat right back down and read it.
♥ I practiced ukulele on Friday with my best friend, Katie!
♥ Watching movies with my dad.
♥ My puppy. Can't you tell he's tuckered out from entertaining me all day?
Hope you're all feeling well this fine weekend!

"Tis healthy to be sick sometimes."
*Henry David Thoreau.

28 April 2011

Oh, it is love.

I just thought I'd take this time of sickness to talk about how Jake shows me that he loves me.

So today I'm sicky mcsick sick, but being the Wonder Woman that I am I still went to all my classes and all of the things of the day I said that I would attend, including Jake's Plank Owner's Ceremony.
The Plank Owner's Ceremony, in short, was given to this class of NROTC midshipmen because they were in the very first class of NROTC ever at ASU, and Jake was lucky enough to be the only midshipman to speak.

Ok, so that's not really about how much he loves me, that's just me being proud of him.
Oh, and did I tell you that he got a full ride scholarship to ASU for NROTC? And the he was 1 of only 22 midshipmen in the whole country to get it?
I'm dating a genius.

This is where my story was going.
Today I'm sick with a sinus infection, the shakes, and a migraine, but I still went to his ceremony. The look on his face when he saw me was priceless. He was so happy that I made it.
He introduced me to everyone we ran into.
He let me sit and got me water 50 times during the reception.
He cooked my dinner. AND cleaned up for me after dinner.
He kissed me even with my sicknasty snot nose running down my face.

There are some days when I take him for granted. I'm not going to lie about that.
But then there are those days when I sit and think about how lucky I am, and realize that not everyone would be willing to put up with me, not everyone is as kind and generous and faithful, and not everyone would give so much of themselves to another person as he gives to me.
No one is my Jake.

I love you, Jake Tyra.
You're so wonderful.

27 April 2011

Hello, Penny.

Something beautiful happened this weekend.

That's right! After a long, hard, heartbreaking (RIP, Sven!) day at the dealership, I finally got my car. My beautiful, wonderful, fuel-efficient car!
In lieu of her model, her name is Penelope Cruze, Penny for short.
I wish I could live in my car. Not really, because I like my bed and I'm pretty sure being homeless would be no bueno. But I want to drive her everywhere and show her off and buy her gifts...sorry, I got a little carried away there!
When I get inside, I feel like I'm in Disneyland.
{especially at night when she looks like Space Mountain}
I still feel like I'm in a dream.

What is your dream car?

25 April 2011

{I hate} Mondays: Bye bye, Sven..

This is Sven.
We have been together for 4 years, and today was the day that I finally had to say goodbye to him. I was overly sad about it, and almost didn't want to give the guy my keys!
Sven has been such a good truck to me, through thick and thin he got me through the days.
I will always love and remember you, Sven!

And this is why I hate Mondays:
- My piano teacher picking on me all class long as I slowly died inside of note overload.
- My music theory teacher say "Well, we were going to add 20 points to the exam, but you 
don't really need it, do you?"
- Having to wait 3 and a half hours at school for my next class because Jake is a little ditcherbrain!
- Being "that girl" in the MU that sits at a 4 person table, when she is only one person.
- Seeing someone who irks me to no end in the MU! Awkward glare begins now.
- Saying goodbye to my beloved car.

How was your monday?
Super short post today. But don't worry, my weekend post will commence tomorrow. Because it was a great weekend. And I said so.

22 April 2011

Famous foods Friday.

I feel like my blog is all about birthdays, all the time.
But it really is a lot of people's birthdays, a lot of the time!
Today was my daddy's birthday. He turned old, so we decided to make him feel better by going out to dinner at the restaurant of his choice.
We tried out Joe's Farm Grill in Gilbert, ever heard of it?
It's kind of a big deal.

It definitely lived up to its hype! It was delicious, with all fresh ingredients from the farm and in a quaint little house with picnic tables and a fireplace. I give it two thumbs way way up.
My dad doesn't like pictures, so me and Jake took a few instead.
Oh, and isn't my man so attractive? I think so.

So my grandma decided not to make her usual brownies for my dad's birthday, but another famous place just happened to be right next door to Joe's...
The Coffee Shop.

Isn't it pretty? It was sure pretty to eat. {Does that make sense?}
These girls won Cupcake Wars, but they definitely didn't take the {cup}cake in my eyes!
Sprinkles is way better. But these are still cupcakes, therefore I can't hate them too much.
Give your mouths a present, and go eat at these places.
They will thank you.

Happy Birthday, Daddy!
You have raised me and shown me who to be, and I am grateful for you everyday of my life. I love you so much! I really am a daddy's girl.

21 April 2011

You're 4!

So in case any of you didn't know, today is my bestest friend Katie Berry's birthday.
Let's just say, I spent all day preparing.

{Ignore the inaccurate time-stamp, ha!}

I spent all day making cookies, wrapping the present, running all over the land, and making plans to make sure my best friend had the perfect birthday!
If you want to know more about what went down, go here.

I love my best friend so much! She has helped me through so many things and is someone I know will always be there for me, no matter what. And I know it will always be like that. I am so blessed to have her in my life, and I know Heavenly Father put us together for a reason. We are always teaching each other something and helping each other grow. We truly are the epitome of the label "best friends!"

Happy Birthday, KatieBerryBestFriendFace!

20 April 2011

Free latte for you..

I don't even like coffee!

Thank you, Jeremy Tyra for searching through your archives to find me this gem of a video!

Notes on the Vid:
- This was my senior year, at my church talent show. Yes, we won.
- Excuse the fact that I cannot act, and pretend I can. Because we all know I'm the best actor there is!
- My accompanist didn't actually play the accompaniment.. He played the "fakebook" version of the song, meaning that he only played chords and not what was actually written. Which is why it sounds weird sometimes. Or I just can't sing, that works too.
- At 4:00, my priest actually gave me a latte that he made while I was singing. Ha!
- When Paul looks to the side, he's looking at me, awkwardly standing there taking his mean comments!
- Paul is way better than me.

The end!

18 April 2011

{I hate} Mondays; seeing red.

- That Arizona pretends to be California by blowing wind through my hair and the palm trees. Hey Arizona, get a beach!
- My flip flop breaking at school and walking around like a zombie, one leg dragging behind me.
- Having a photographer at the music building ask me to move from the spot I'm in, because he could see me dancing to my iPod in the back of his pictures.
- Not being able to watch Harry Potter 7 in every single class for every minute of my day.
- That Jake is so much better at dying hair than I am.

- I also hate that I make faces like that.
- And that I still don't have my camera back from Nikon {but thank you Eva for being the best phone ever!}

Wanna know how my hair turned out?
Stay tuned!

*Eva = my HTC Evo.

All's fair in love and war

...and this is a bit of both.
-Ronald Bilius Weasley

A weekend full of HP7, As You Wish, cupcakes, home-made pizzas, and Laurenface's birthday!
I'm honestly so grateful for weekends. Without them, I would surely die. I'm not exaggerating. Promise.
I'm never excited to go back to school after a wonderful weekend, but alas, I must!
So to cope with the pain, I'm watching HP, as I always do when I'm not feeling well or if I'm sad.
Especially when I imagine Ron talking to me about that tiny ball of light..

Go buy it. Then watch it.
You can thank me later. :)

14 April 2011

That's so 80s!

You heard me right. EIGHTIES.

So tonight, my dad delighted me with tickets to an old 80's band called Foreigner.
You might have heard of them.. Double Vision.. I Wanna Know What Love Is.
Ok, maybe not everyone loves I Love the 80's as much as I do.
If it makes them sound cooler, and my night sound not-so lame, they're going on tour with Journey this summer!
"OHHHH, now they're cool Brittany! You are so cool!"

I wish that I would have dressed up for the occasion, because everyone else did.
The night was full of this...

and some of this...

and a little of that...

And a lot of drunk people singing along to these songs, and yelling "that's so 80's!" behind me.
If only I lived then.
It was a good night. :)

12 April 2011

Feeling Easter-y.

Quick update since I have homework to do!

{pearls: Forever; blouse: Charlotte; belt: Forever; jeans: Hollister Laguna Skinny; boots: borrowed, Charlotte}

I love the Easter Pageant!
It's such a beautiful story about our savior. I definitely get a little teary eyed and then try to hide it from everyone else who is also trying to hide their tears from me.
I had such a good time walking around the temple and watching the pageant with Katie.
Even if she won't send me all the pictures from it because she doesn't like them.
That's why my camera needs to be fixed, like now!
Then I can put up any picture I want to! MUAHAHAHA.

After the pageant, Yodip was having 25% off, so of course me and Katie had to go get some.
I love looking at all the pictures the people draw there while eating my delicious yogurt.
Because it is delish.
Hope yall's Tuesday is going well!

PS; I'm wearing jeans today because I found out that I lost ten pounds over Lent, so I felt like celebrating by not wearing my usual skirt!
Woot me!

11 April 2011

{I hate} Mondays; birfdays!

{shirt: Abercrombie; skirt: Forever; belt: Ross; shoes: Charlotte; puppy: Ebay Classifieds}

Sirius, Blogtown. Blogtown, Sirius.
I'm so glad you guys have finally met!
So for those of you who don't know, it's my baby's birthday! He's one today.
Happy birthday, Sirius Black Lewis!
He's such a ham.

So this is why I hate Mondays:
- Every Monday, without fail, I have a migraine. Sometimes I still go to class and realize that it was a bad idea and my brain might explode. Sometimes I don't go and lay on the couch all day instead!
Much better plan.
- I procrastinate all my homework until Sunday night like a doofus, then stay up all night doing the assignments so that I don't fail out of college. My powerpoint was due at 5 PM today and I didn't have time to do it during the day. I get an email in the morning saying that the deadline is extended until tomorrow! Rude.
- My boyfriend plays games like this on the ASU campus, and carries around a Nerf gun all day.
- Looking like an elf in my pictures because when I was a child, I had the same love for headbands that I do now. It's true what mom says, "if you wear too many headbands, you will have elf ears."
- I want to shop! But shopping's for Saturdays.

How was your Monday?
Today was also one of my best friend, Vincent's, birthday! I just love breakfast for dinner, doughnut cakes, and my best friend Vincent!

Happy birthday Vinny!

10 April 2011

Reflections of the weekend

My weekends as of late have all been so hectic. Fortunately, I like doing things with friends and family, because normally i hatehatehate being busy! Since I still don't have a camera, there's no pictures (sad face!), but I'll break down the weekend for you.

We had dinner at my grandma's. I wish I had a picture, because it literally looked and tasted like we were eating at a five star restaurant. Crabs and shrimp and salmon, oh my!

My baby cousin, Sofia Graciela Lewis, was baptized! I love seeing families grow closer to Christ. I went to IHOP with my dad, which I wish was called IHOW, because waffles are so much better. Just sayin'. That afternoon we went to my aunt and uncles for presents and cake for the baptism.
That night I went out with some friends to celebrate my best friend Vincent's birthday! We had delicious food at Kabuki, and then we went and saw the not-so-scary movie, Insidious. It's supposed to be worse than Paranormal Activity, but don't believe that for a second! If you want to be scared out of your wits and possibly need to change your pants afterwards, stick to Paranormal Activity.
After that, we went back to Vincent's and watched A Very Potter Musical for some giggles. It is perfection.

I finally got to sleep in. I love sleeping 11 hours in one night. It's so refreshing after only sleeping 3 hours a night all the week long.
Church was amazing as usual.
And now I'm off to finish my homework that I thought would be fun to leave all for Sunday. Sometimes my brain deceives me by telling me things are good ideas when they're not!

Ok, I don't want to sound like a parent, but this is what I learned from the weekend. Do your homework! Don't procrastinate. I really have a bad habit of it! I really think that if there were a prize for it, I would win every year. Or every month. Or every millisecond.
Most importantly, I learned that in order to be a true follower of Christ, you must be Christ-like. Someone in church today said "Even if you may not understand what they are doing at the time, if you ask yourself how you can be Christ-like toward them, it will help you understand." People aren't always going to understand the choices we make. People aren't always going to understand the experiences you have. But if someone is truly Christ-like, they will love you and support you no matter what. They won't tell you you are wrong and to ask God to change your heart. They will embrace your for the decisions you make, despite the decisions they are making.

On that note, here's a little clip I'd love you to see.
Happy weekend!

07 April 2011

Spring cleaning

So this week I have spent everyday at my grandma's to get ready for my baby cousin Sofia's baptism. My grandma and I have spent WAY too long not cleaning, and much longer collecting things we don't need, like Tweety Bird pillow covers and old purse straps that aren't even attached to purses.
When I finally got to my room, it got a little more personal because there was a lot of stuff in there from high school. Old cards from Jake, yearbooks, unfinished assignments..
Then I came across these and figured out why it's awesome to Spring Clean.

I seriously could not stop laughing at these!
I bet you're wondering what the hey I'm talking about!
These are from my sophomore year in high school, a little game we like to call Photo Tag.
This was part of our day activity for Sadies. I just love the way people were looking at us in these pictures, as if we were crazy! Which we were.
What an amazing Spring Cleaning find! I encourage everyone to Spring Clean and find something old that will make you laugh and be merry!