11 April 2011

{I hate} Mondays; birfdays!

{shirt: Abercrombie; skirt: Forever; belt: Ross; shoes: Charlotte; puppy: Ebay Classifieds}

Sirius, Blogtown. Blogtown, Sirius.
I'm so glad you guys have finally met!
So for those of you who don't know, it's my baby's birthday! He's one today.
Happy birthday, Sirius Black Lewis!
He's such a ham.

So this is why I hate Mondays:
- Every Monday, without fail, I have a migraine. Sometimes I still go to class and realize that it was a bad idea and my brain might explode. Sometimes I don't go and lay on the couch all day instead!
Much better plan.
- I procrastinate all my homework until Sunday night like a doofus, then stay up all night doing the assignments so that I don't fail out of college. My powerpoint was due at 5 PM today and I didn't have time to do it during the day. I get an email in the morning saying that the deadline is extended until tomorrow! Rude.
- My boyfriend plays games like this on the ASU campus, and carries around a Nerf gun all day.
- Looking like an elf in my pictures because when I was a child, I had the same love for headbands that I do now. It's true what mom says, "if you wear too many headbands, you will have elf ears."
- I want to shop! But shopping's for Saturdays.

How was your Monday?
Today was also one of my best friend, Vincent's, birthday! I just love breakfast for dinner, doughnut cakes, and my best friend Vincent!

Happy birthday Vinny!


  1. I like that Sirius and Vincent have the same birthday :)
    What I don't like is your talk of elf ears... uhh why don't you take a gander underneath my hair and see what REAL elf ears look like. You're officially banned from ever talking about your ears again.
    I still love you though.

  2. You dog is adorable! :)
    & happy birthday to him!