20 April 2011

Free latte for you..

I don't even like coffee!

Thank you, Jeremy Tyra for searching through your archives to find me this gem of a video!

Notes on the Vid:
- This was my senior year, at my church talent show. Yes, we won.
- Excuse the fact that I cannot act, and pretend I can. Because we all know I'm the best actor there is!
- My accompanist didn't actually play the accompaniment.. He played the "fakebook" version of the song, meaning that he only played chords and not what was actually written. Which is why it sounds weird sometimes. Or I just can't sing, that works too.
- At 4:00, my priest actually gave me a latte that he made while I was singing. Ha!
- When Paul looks to the side, he's looking at me, awkwardly standing there taking his mean comments!
- Paul is way better than me.

The end!


  1. Hahaha you are awesome. I love this song!

  2. You are very welcome, glad I could help! :-)

  3. You're a star, best friend. :)