05 April 2011

{I hate} Mondays, all the way.

{please excuse the fact that I still don't have a real camera! shirt: H&M; belt: Forever; Skirt: Forever; Tights: Walmart (that's right!); boots: Store outside the MU}

I really hate Mondays:

- I woke up this morning thinking that was being a good student and that I'd go to all my classes and take great notes that all my professors would be proud of, when I realize that my dad took my truck...with all my school and work things in it. So I went to my first three classes, then had to drive all the way to my dad's work to get my stuff. I waited there in the parking lot of his work for 45 minutes until he finally came out, then had to rush all the way home to finish up my paperwork for work. I then had to run all the way over to the family's home to get my papers signed, then drive all the way to my work to drop them off! That's a lot of all the ways.
- I didn't work very much this month, which means I don't get paid very much this month, which means that I don't get to go shopping at all this month. FAIL.
- I felt like my theory teacher was speaking Mandarin Chinese today in class. I'll be lucky to "tong gou" that class.
{Yes, I looked up how to say "pass" on google because I'm that cool!}
- Skirt + wind. Don't think to hard on that one.
- Finding out that I'm staying in the apartment way longer than expected and can't buy my car. Boo.
- Having people tell me how cute my hair was today when I literally haven't washed my hair in like, 4 days. Then the look on their faces when I tell them that I haven't washed my hair in 4 days. They definitely didn't believe that I like to "let my hair soak up its natural oils."
- Today is the last day I'm going to be able to wear tights. Winter, you were fun while you lasted!

How horrible was your Monday?

Oh, and I also had a good night, where Katie, Jake and I had our own FHE since there wasn't one at single's ward, then Joey took us all out to Buffalo! So today wasn't all bad!


  1. Hate to hear that your Monday sucked! My Monday wasn't that bad actually, although it was my first day of Uni for the semester. Something must be wrong with me.

    I love your shirt!

  2. Nuh uh!! It's gonna be 74 for and like, 60 this weekend. don't put those tights away yet!

  3. My Monday was ok. Just ok:-) Ho hum! Hope the rest of your week goes a little bit better! Or a lot better:-) xoxo

  4. I love your "I Hate Mondays" posts because they are so funny... but I feel like I shouldn't love them because they always involve you having a bad day!
    At least we can all have a sense of humor about how awful Mondays are, and we can have FHE together and eat yummy mint cookies :)