12 April 2011

Feeling Easter-y.

Quick update since I have homework to do!

{pearls: Forever; blouse: Charlotte; belt: Forever; jeans: Hollister Laguna Skinny; boots: borrowed, Charlotte}

I love the Easter Pageant!
It's such a beautiful story about our savior. I definitely get a little teary eyed and then try to hide it from everyone else who is also trying to hide their tears from me.
I had such a good time walking around the temple and watching the pageant with Katie.
Even if she won't send me all the pictures from it because she doesn't like them.
That's why my camera needs to be fixed, like now!
Then I can put up any picture I want to! MUAHAHAHA.

After the pageant, Yodip was having 25% off, so of course me and Katie had to go get some.
I love looking at all the pictures the people draw there while eating my delicious yogurt.
Because it is delish.
Hope yall's Tuesday is going well!

PS; I'm wearing jeans today because I found out that I lost ten pounds over Lent, so I felt like celebrating by not wearing my usual skirt!
Woot me!


  1. I loved our Easter Pageant and Yodip evening together :) We go on the cutest best friend dates ever and we sit in the two-seater tables and play obnoxious videos that make us laugh loudly... and I love it. A lot.
    You're going to have to get over the fact that I never like ANY pictures of myself ever.
    Look at this one for example... the combination of my huge fivehead and my awkward right arm is almost too much to bear.

  2. okay stop it you guys are so cute! man i havent gotten to see the pageant in so long since im in stupid utah but i loooove it so much.