16 November 2011

Let me call you sweetheart.

One of the reasons I've been so busy this semester is because I started my pre-clinicals for my music therapy degree. In our first semester of pre-clinicals, we work with one other therapy student and are usually assigned to work in a nursing home. I was assigned to work with my friend Lauren, and we are working in a nursing home with stroke patients and mild dementia. It has seriously been one of the best experiences of my life. From day one, the staff at the nursing home expressed the difference that we were already making with the clients. They are so cute and such a joy to work with, I seriously am so sad that we only have one session left!

This is one of their favorite songs that we do in the session.
Usually we ask them to think of significant other, or family member, while listening to this song and then we all share after the song is over.
I figured I'd give you guys a little taste of what I do!

Now it's your turn to share. :)

12 November 2011

Butter, butter!

I don't know if you guys know, but Katie and I kind of love Harry Potter.
Just kind of.
So yesterday, when the movie came out, we got up early and headed our little tushes out to Wally World to buy ourselves some copies of it, and also some ingredients.
What kind of ingredients you ask?
Oh, just the ingredients for Butterbeer Cupcakes.
No big deal.

Oh my delicious!
They were the best things I've ever eaten.
And a wonderful tribute to our favorite wizard.
Get the recipe here!
And watch lots of HP for me.

09 November 2011

Halloween.. a week late.

Yeah yeah yeah, I suck at keeping up with my blog, blah blah blah.
But here I am to tell you about my wonderful Halloween weekend.
Or as the cool kids at ASU call it, "Halloweekend."
Using that word made me feel cool for half a second.

Anyways, most of the weekend consisted of Katie and I taking pictures of our cute-selves.
We went to a bonfire with s'mores, the zoo and haunted houses, and watched Halloween related flicks.
Oh, and ate candy.

Seriously, Halloween was amazing and so fun!
Crazy stuff has been going on in my life, so please excuse my absence.
I'll try to be better, but I'm making no promises.

How was your Halloweekened?