06 January 2016

Anniversary 2014

We're catching up, slowly but surely! In 2014, Kendall applied for tickets for us to go see the Conan O'Brien show live in Burbank and we were lucky enough to get to go! The coolest part was that the show was the day before our anniversary, so we turned it into an impromptu California anniversary trip!

We still had season passes to Universal Studios and, after a week of groveling, I finally gave in and told Kendall we could go to Disneyland. ;)

While we were there, we stopped to eat beignets, at Rosco's Chicken and Waffles (not as good as LoLo's), and went to downtown Hollywood. We were not impressed with Hollywood, at all, but were glad we went. Best part: standing where the greatest wizards of all time stood.

There's nothing cuter than a pug in Conan hair.