04 January 2015

Catch Up.

It's January 1st again, and with this day comes hopes of a new start, dreams coming true, being resolute, a new year. Every year we, as a culture, reflect on the year we've left behind, wanting something better. As I reflected on these things, as I always do on the First, I couldn't help but realize the wonderful, crazy, beautiful things that have happened to me this year - and how I failed to report on these things publicly and privately. So, I resolve to catch up on my own life in order to move forward with my new year.

The last time I truly updated this space of mine was two years ago, so I'll start there.

Twenty-thirteen was quite a year. Where I left off in February, Kendall and I were going strong with our New Year's resolutions, living in a beautiful home that was basically in foreclosure condition when we moved in that we completely turned around. Kendall was raising his first puppy, Biff, who showed him a love that he didn't know existed.

On February 26th, I woke up to get ready for work, and went to let Sirius and Biff inside. Kendall didn't normally leave the dogs outside, but I didn't think twice about it when I opened the door and only Sirius came in. I called for Biff a couple times, then thinking that he was hiding from me, like he often did, I started looking around the yard for him. After about 3 minutes with no luck, I started to get nervous as I inched toward our pool, only to have my fears confirmed. There floated our sweet little puppy, only 4 months old, who had not yet learned how to swim to the step.

We cried for a really long time. We read our scriptures for comfort. We learned the value of life and the unconditional love of an innocent being. He was one of the sweetest blessings of our lives as a young couple and we missed him more than we could have ever imagined. Though he was just a puppy, he stitched our hearts together as we learned to share our love with another living thing. Through all the pain and sadness, we learned that we will see him again!

I know this is a sad way to start my 2015, rehashing sad memories, but a few months after Biff's death, we found our hearts ready to adopt another little puppy...


Though nothing can ever replace our first puppy, Otto definitely helped us move on and not be bitter about losing the first soul that we loved together. We missed the snorting and sniffling that came with having a pug puppy and we hadn't given up the idea that we wanted a funny little pug to befriend Sirius.

Though, we could definitely do without the pug farts...