06 April 2011

And the ocean will be mine!

Sometimes, I feel like watching The Little Mermaid to get inspired.
By inspired I mean, I step on vanities and then turn into a giant ship eating squid.

{dress: Papaya; belt: Forever; shoes: borrowed, aldo}

Please excuse my messy room with dirty clothes everywhere {ahem, bra!}.
I've had a horrible last couple days! You wanna know how I remedy it? Shopping with Grandma.
I've mentioned on Facebook how much cooler Grandma is than me. But those in the blogging world just do not yet know. So because my grandma made my day today, this post is dedicated to why Grandma is cooler than me.

1. Grandma is constantly staying out all hours of the night partying, while I'm at home cleaning her house.
2. My grandma goes to college, and always says, "how are your classes Brittany? Mine are wonderful! I just love that we go to ASU together!"
3. Grandma was asked to be in a sorority. Sororities ask me to never show my face on campus again.
4. Grandma goes to jazz clubs at least twice a week. You all know my love for jazz!
5. Grandma can win connect four in only 3 moves.
6. Merriam-Webster changed the word "shrimp" to "srimp" because he trusts Grandma's judgement.
7. All my friends like Grandma more than me.

I do believe that my argument is valid and that I proved my premise that Grandma is much cooler than I. If only she would teach me her ways so I could make her proud.

How cool is your Grandma?


  1. True story. I will never make the mistake of challenging Grandma to a game of Connect Four ever again... big mistake.
    Also, I am only friends with you so I can hang out with your cool Grandma.
    :) Hehe!

  2. Grandma is such a party animal! I remember staying over one night and grandma didn't come home till like, after 4 am! What the?! I feel like my grandparents are lame in comparison. But I still love them :) oh, and I looove you too!