07 April 2011

Spring cleaning

So this week I have spent everyday at my grandma's to get ready for my baby cousin Sofia's baptism. My grandma and I have spent WAY too long not cleaning, and much longer collecting things we don't need, like Tweety Bird pillow covers and old purse straps that aren't even attached to purses.
When I finally got to my room, it got a little more personal because there was a lot of stuff in there from high school. Old cards from Jake, yearbooks, unfinished assignments..
Then I came across these and figured out why it's awesome to Spring Clean.

I seriously could not stop laughing at these!
I bet you're wondering what the hey I'm talking about!
These are from my sophomore year in high school, a little game we like to call Photo Tag.
This was part of our day activity for Sadies. I just love the way people were looking at us in these pictures, as if we were crazy! Which we were.
What an amazing Spring Cleaning find! I encourage everyone to Spring Clean and find something old that will make you laugh and be merry!

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