18 April 2011

{I hate} Mondays; seeing red.

- That Arizona pretends to be California by blowing wind through my hair and the palm trees. Hey Arizona, get a beach!
- My flip flop breaking at school and walking around like a zombie, one leg dragging behind me.
- Having a photographer at the music building ask me to move from the spot I'm in, because he could see me dancing to my iPod in the back of his pictures.
- Not being able to watch Harry Potter 7 in every single class for every minute of my day.
- That Jake is so much better at dying hair than I am.

- I also hate that I make faces like that.
- And that I still don't have my camera back from Nikon {but thank you Eva for being the best phone ever!}

Wanna know how my hair turned out?
Stay tuned!

*Eva = my HTC Evo.

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