22 April 2011

Famous foods Friday.

I feel like my blog is all about birthdays, all the time.
But it really is a lot of people's birthdays, a lot of the time!
Today was my daddy's birthday. He turned old, so we decided to make him feel better by going out to dinner at the restaurant of his choice.
We tried out Joe's Farm Grill in Gilbert, ever heard of it?
It's kind of a big deal.

It definitely lived up to its hype! It was delicious, with all fresh ingredients from the farm and in a quaint little house with picnic tables and a fireplace. I give it two thumbs way way up.
My dad doesn't like pictures, so me and Jake took a few instead.
Oh, and isn't my man so attractive? I think so.

So my grandma decided not to make her usual brownies for my dad's birthday, but another famous place just happened to be right next door to Joe's...
The Coffee Shop.

Isn't it pretty? It was sure pretty to eat. {Does that make sense?}
These girls won Cupcake Wars, but they definitely didn't take the {cup}cake in my eyes!
Sprinkles is way better. But these are still cupcakes, therefore I can't hate them too much.
Give your mouths a present, and go eat at these places.
They will thank you.

Happy Birthday, Daddy!
You have raised me and shown me who to be, and I am grateful for you everyday of my life. I love you so much! I really am a daddy's girl.

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