10 April 2011

Reflections of the weekend

My weekends as of late have all been so hectic. Fortunately, I like doing things with friends and family, because normally i hatehatehate being busy! Since I still don't have a camera, there's no pictures (sad face!), but I'll break down the weekend for you.

We had dinner at my grandma's. I wish I had a picture, because it literally looked and tasted like we were eating at a five star restaurant. Crabs and shrimp and salmon, oh my!

My baby cousin, Sofia Graciela Lewis, was baptized! I love seeing families grow closer to Christ. I went to IHOP with my dad, which I wish was called IHOW, because waffles are so much better. Just sayin'. That afternoon we went to my aunt and uncles for presents and cake for the baptism.
That night I went out with some friends to celebrate my best friend Vincent's birthday! We had delicious food at Kabuki, and then we went and saw the not-so-scary movie, Insidious. It's supposed to be worse than Paranormal Activity, but don't believe that for a second! If you want to be scared out of your wits and possibly need to change your pants afterwards, stick to Paranormal Activity.
After that, we went back to Vincent's and watched A Very Potter Musical for some giggles. It is perfection.

I finally got to sleep in. I love sleeping 11 hours in one night. It's so refreshing after only sleeping 3 hours a night all the week long.
Church was amazing as usual.
And now I'm off to finish my homework that I thought would be fun to leave all for Sunday. Sometimes my brain deceives me by telling me things are good ideas when they're not!

Ok, I don't want to sound like a parent, but this is what I learned from the weekend. Do your homework! Don't procrastinate. I really have a bad habit of it! I really think that if there were a prize for it, I would win every year. Or every month. Or every millisecond.
Most importantly, I learned that in order to be a true follower of Christ, you must be Christ-like. Someone in church today said "Even if you may not understand what they are doing at the time, if you ask yourself how you can be Christ-like toward them, it will help you understand." People aren't always going to understand the choices we make. People aren't always going to understand the experiences you have. But if someone is truly Christ-like, they will love you and support you no matter what. They won't tell you you are wrong and to ask God to change your heart. They will embrace your for the decisions you make, despite the decisions they are making.

On that note, here's a little clip I'd love you to see.
Happy weekend!


  1. The next time you have a meal with crab, shrimp, and salmon I better get an invite! :)

  2. This post is wonderful. Gee whiz, you're awesome and SO RIGHT! I especially love that last section! :) I'm sorry your weekend didn't include any Katie-ness... how about this weekend?

  3. mrs. dilbeck -- you got it!

    katerade -- um, if i don't see you this weekend, i will surely die. and you best be blogging right now about your snowy weekend!