25 April 2011

{I hate} Mondays: Bye bye, Sven..

This is Sven.
We have been together for 4 years, and today was the day that I finally had to say goodbye to him. I was overly sad about it, and almost didn't want to give the guy my keys!
Sven has been such a good truck to me, through thick and thin he got me through the days.
I will always love and remember you, Sven!

And this is why I hate Mondays:
- My piano teacher picking on me all class long as I slowly died inside of note overload.
- My music theory teacher say "Well, we were going to add 20 points to the exam, but you 
don't really need it, do you?"
- Having to wait 3 and a half hours at school for my next class because Jake is a little ditcherbrain!
- Being "that girl" in the MU that sits at a 4 person table, when she is only one person.
- Seeing someone who irks me to no end in the MU! Awkward glare begins now.
- Saying goodbye to my beloved car.

How was your monday?
Super short post today. But don't worry, my weekend post will commence tomorrow. Because it was a great weekend. And I said so.

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  1. Why did you have to say bye to your car??