03 April 2011

You are braver than you believe

stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.
-Christopher Robin to Pooh.

{Gaga's little monsters}

This weekend was a really good weekend.
I spent most of it with my best friend watching general conference where I learned a lot.
One night with these lovely girls for a Lady Gaga party and Just Dance!
Then a little bit of time spent with Jake, talking about things that are on my mind. He's seriously such a good listener. He understand me and makes me stronger and braver. I'm so blessed to have him.

I wish I could talk about things that are on my mind, but I'm not really ready for that. It's hard when you think you know who you are but you really don't. And you find something beautiful but you know people are going to hate you because of it, and you don't really understand why they would hate you. You just know they would. And it sucks when people are ambiguous in blogs, but I promise I'll talk about it eventually. 
Someday when I'm strong and brave.


  1. Great weekend. Great post, my little blog monster.

    Just remember that even though it's hard to be strong and brave, you NEVER have to do it all alone!
    Love you.

  2. Love you girly! I'm so glad we're friends! If anyone truly loves you or really is your friend, they will love you no matter what! Even if they "hate" you because of something, if they truly were your friend they'll go back to it and accept you. I don't really know why anyone would hate you cuz you're awesome, but I hope this helps:)

  3. Love the Gaga! Great costumes -always wanted to make one. so fun! Glad your weekend was so awesome! HAve a great week