19 July 2011

School spirit.

Anyone who has been around my family during basketball season knows that we could care less about the Sun Devils. We are die-hard Tar Heel fans.
That's why I've always had a place in my heart for UNC. I just love walking around the campus, shopping at their Carolina blue-clad bookstore, strolling down Franklin Street..
If they had my major, I'd be there in a heart beat.

{Dean Dome, 2009}

Isn't it so charming?
Oh, that big building with the huge pillars? That's their library.
I'd love to have a gorgeous library like that at ASU!
UNC, get my major, please?


  1. Looks like parts of MSU! Gotta love old universities. That clock tower is SICK!

  2. all these pictures you're taking are lovely, and really making me want to visit the south! No university library beats the one at UW, though - it's a cathedral.

  3. Gorgeous!! :D And even though I can't see them very well- I love your boots! I have been looking for a pair like that!

  4. Ah! The south is sooooo freaking gorgeous! I love the old charm that it has. You and your blog are suuuper cute :)