05 July 2011


The night started out great.
I got ready at my pace, Jake picked me up and we headed off to Red Lobster for our first date this entire summer! I was so excited.
I had the always delicious popcorn shrimp, Jake had shrimp and chicken, and we enjoyed conversations by romantic florescent light and lobster tank smell.
Our waiter comes by to refill our drinks, and says, "that's definitely not rain."
It's funny how the itsy bitsy-est things can interrupt a very rare date night..

A giant dust storm covers Phoenix, Ariz., Tuesday, July 5, 2011. (AP Photo/The Arizona Republic, Rob Schumacher)

And by itsy bitsy, I mean the biggest dust storm in Arizona in 20 years.
The ride home was the scariest ride of my life. Scarier than Tower of Terror. Seriously.
We couldn't even see 3 street lights in front of us.
Someone almost hit us while they were trying to turn right.
I was so mad I didn't have my camera.

Want to know a fool-proof way to know if a storm is coming?
Ask Jake if he's washed his car that day.


  1. No way! Both of those pictures are amazing! Scott and I stayed safely inside, peeking out of our window every few minutes. Certainly not as adventurous as you :)

  2. this looks super nuts and crazy.

  3. whoa. saw this on the news. it looked unreal, glad you're okay!

  4. HAHAH I have the same car as Jake! Wow crazy coincidence. Mine looked exactly the same. I did get it washed yesterday though lol