07 April 2016

The baby shower.

I can't go on in the story without talking about the amazing baby shower that my in-laws threw! Kendall's family knew that I was in the hospital the day before the shower and were waiting to hear if I was going to be released in time to make it to the shower. When Kendall told them that the doctors were going to keep me, they wondered what we were going to do about the shower that we had already planned, set up, and invited our friends and family to. I suggested that Kendall go in my place.

Kendall Facetimed me so that I could say hi to all my friends and thank them for bringing the beautiful gifts. I had only told a couple people what had happened, so most of my friends were confused that I wasn't there. Luckily, everyone knew and loved Kendall and said how nice it was for him to be there, and that it was so great to celebrate our baby with him.

Even though I was so sad I couldn't be there, I'm so grateful for the love and support we received for Harrison and for me while I was in the hospital!

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