02 June 2012


As I was catching up on my blog stalking, I kind of started to notice a sort of theme throughout recent blog posts, and it struck a chord in my heart. My life has felt like a theme park lately, filled with weddingland, honeymoonland, new apartmentland, and billland. And honestly, with all these new things in my life, it can be easy to complain about stress and being too poor to enjoy each of these parts of the park. But I can honestly say that I am grateful for every moment I've experienced in these last few months. I'm grateful for my new family who basically planned my entire wedding (thank you, and I'm sorry I'm such a bum!). I'm grateful to my family for supporting me. I'm grateful to my friends who did everything they could to make me feel like a princess. I'm grateful to my friend and photographer, Sarah, for always being positive and making us feel so good during our shoots. I'm grateful for the kind, wonderful people we met in Mexico. I'm grateful for the apartment that we live in and the amenities we are lucky to have. And mostly I'm grateful to my new husband, who puts up with me and shows me how much he loves me each day we spend together. I think I need to remember what I'm grateful for more often, just like how I'm grateful to all you bloggers who inspire me to be better and more grateful everyday. 
So, thanks.


  1. beautiful picture! and i love blogland.

  2. bloggers and blogs are so inspirational, I completely agree. I love your cute blog! So happy I found it. xo

  3. very sweet and lovely!! xxxo :)

  4. You and your hubby are just precious as can be! So happy to have stumbled across your blog :)

    xo Shane