23 June 2012

Salt Lake City dreamin'...

I mentioned in once that I wouldn't feel like a real Mormon until I visited Salt Lake City, and saw the beautiful temple that everyone always raves about. And that's exactly what we did on our trip! The whole reason for our trip was to attend Kendall's best friend's wedding. Although I wasn't able to attend the sealing ceremony inside the temple, I was able to spend the entire day (with Selah) in Temple Square, exploring this wondrous new land. Kendall told Selah that the temple was "Cinderella's Castle" and that we had to wait outside for the princess because she was getting married inside.

A conversation between me and a 3-year-old:
Selah: I want to get married!
Me: Oh yeah? Who do you want to marry?
Selah: Kendall!
Me: Nice choice. Do you want to marry him in the castle?
Selah: Nope. It's too dirty!

Kids say the darndest things, ya'll.
(Don't worry, I explained to her that it wasn't really dirty, but made out of rocks that made it look dirty. Then she was ok marrying Kendall in the castle!)

Needless to say, it was breathtaking. After the temple sealing, we rushed off to get ready for the reception, which was a blast! Colin and Alison are amazing and I'm so happy for them and excited for them to start their new life together, and be crazy-awesome newly weds like us!

It was like going to Disneyland, but better. And if you know how much I love Disneyland, you know it must be unfathomable how much I loved the Salt Lake City temple.

P.S., I've been getting a lot of questions about how to contact me. Hopefully I'll be getting a new layout soon with quick and easy links to all those things, but for now I'm going to post all my contact info here, on my "Me." page. Can't wait to talk to ya'll!


  1. I agree. breathtaking. It's actually where I got married! I am glad you enjoyed it, and temple square, and maybe city creek mall as well?!

    Beautiful photos. and I love the wedding gown!

    1. you are very very lucky! we're probably going to be sealed in the mesa temple. yes we did go to city creek mall! it was gorgeous. i wish i could shop there all the time!