22 June 2012

Three places I'd never been before.

I apologize for my noncreative blog title, I fails. If you can come up with a better title for a post about 3 food places that I'd never been to before in Utah, by all means, you may contest and fight to the death if you please, maybe I'll pick a winner. Maybe the winner will get my famous cookies. Maybe my cookies aren't famous. Who knows at this point?

Moving on.

Just in case you are planning a trip to Utah and want an idea of places that Utahans (really spell check, Utahans?) flock to and rave about, let this be your guide. 

1. Pantrucas.

Forgive me for my lack of actual food pictures, but I'm a shy closet blogger who still isn't completely comfortable taking pictures of every second of my day in front of complete strangers. I'm working on it.
If you didn't know, Kendall served a two-year mission in Chile! So it was kind of a must to go to this restaurant with some of his mission buddies. It was my first time having Chilean food, and it wasn't as scary as I made it up to be. I got a grilled cheese, filled with stake. Don't knock it til you try it, people!

2. Glade's

So as we were driving around with Kendall's cousin (my cousin?), I said that I wanted to go to a real Utah place. Not Red Robin, not McDonald's, a Utah place darn it! Apparently, stand alone burger places are a "thing." I'm not gonna lie, it was pretty tasty, and me and Kendall look dang cute in that picture.

3. J Dawgs

I was told, by many reliable sources (Kendall's 11-year-old cousin), that J Dawgs was the new hip and cool thing in Utah. I love being hip and cool. So hop on the bandwagon, I did, and it was a delicious bandwagon at that. The special sauce was to die for. TO DIE. Seriously, Arizona, get on that!

And there you have it, three places I'd never been before. Or whatever you'd like to name my post.


  1. Trying a Trio of Tasty Treats?

  2. Seriously, I never tried any of these!! Next time I'm in northern Utah I know where I'm eating out!

    I really want to email you but you don't have your email connected to your comments! I want to talk to you about marriage and tell you my story of being a newly wed :) Life was so stressful and I felt like a failure, until other people opened up to me and told me that being a newly wed was stressful to them as well. So let's chat!! :)

    1. i would absolutely love to chat with you! my email is brittanylewwhoo@gmail.com!

  3. ha, it's true! everyone always wants to go to jdawgs. my husband likes that place but i don't eat red meat so i never go. i'm sure it's delicious though :)
    xo TJ