12 June 2012


I've been meaning to post this for the last few days, you know, to keep up on being a good blogger and whatnot. My husband seems to think being a good wife is a little more important though, so I spend most of the last few days watching movie and becoming obsessed with The Walking Dead.
Duuuuuuuuude! The Walking Dead is the next LOST. But more gory. And zombies are scarier than angry smoke. Why didn't I find out about this until this weekend? Seriously, if you haven't seen it, go on netflix and watch it, now.

Since this post is all over the place anyways, here are some random pictures!




1. Me and Selah have very similar, um, drinking contraptions, and Selah, the girl I work with everyday, likes to call them "Brittany's Sippy Cup" and "Selah's Sippy Cup."
2. I'm getting pretty good at doing baby hair, wink wink.
3. Probably my favorite part of our house. A set of candles and an old window my sister and law gave me for my bridal shower. I think me and Kendall like candles more than regular lighting.
4. Kendall has started liking dogs this week! Finally.
5. Lots and lots of swimming and swimming lessons this week! You would think I'd be tan by now..
6. Seriously, I can never eat those gross processed fast food fries again now that we perfected the homemade french fry. It's now my favorite side to all our meals. I find myself thinking of meals based on the assumption that we're going to have fries with it. Have I mentioned we're going to be fat very soon yet?
7.  If I ever find enough old wrenches, I'm making that glockenspiel.
8. My favorite chair, handmade Mexico blanket, and the amazing book I just finished.

To add to my scatterbrained-ness, we're packing up tonight and heading to Utah for Kendall's best friend's wedding! We're taking miss Selah with us, to give her mom a little bit of a break this weekend. I've never been to Utah before, so I'm SUPER excited. I don't feel like I can be a real Mormon until I've been to Utah.

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  1. Aw so glad married life is treating you well! :) You're going to love Utah. It's beautiful there and such a fun place to visit. P.S. Love your blog layout and header! So darling!