30 May 2012


My life has been pretty hectic lately, and with wedding and honeymoon and newly wed life it's been difficult to keep up with my blogging, and yes, even my Instagram. But I have been able to take a few pictures to chronicle my oh so exciting life.

1. The first letter addressed to both of us, and I'm pretty sure I almost cried like a giddy little school girl.
2. My nails for my bridal shoot. I tried to be a little fancy.
3. Have you ever been to Ranch Market? It's a grocery store, but it has a delicious Mexican food restaurant where we like to go on dates together. You improvise when you're poor college students.
4. Still missing our little restaurant and condo on the beach. Take me back there!
5. We went back to work last Thursday, and this is how Kendall got us read. Matching water bottles and mini Dr. Peppers. Too much?
6. Another date night improvization. Pizookies, pizza, popcorn, and an old movie. Perfect for us newly-weds.

I'm still trying to get back into the groove of things and recover from all this excitement and these big changes! I can't wait until my head is back on straight.


  1. Awww. Fistly Congratulations on the wedding and another awww for the picture of the mail.. that is so sweet.

  2. Congratulations on your marriage! Right after your wedding is such a magical time, enjoy!

  3. Absolutely love your nail polish and I'm a Dr. Pepperaddict ;P haha


  4. That pizookie looks fantastic! I want some!
    And we've been married for almost two years now, and I still get a little bit excited when I pull mail addressed to both of us from the mailbox :) Isn't newlywed life a blast?

  5. I love the look of painting one nail a little differently than the rest! So fun!

  6. yep, loving these photos. isn't instagram the best? and those first lettes addressed to the two of you is the absolutely best! yay for yummy dessert and simple date nights!
    xo TJ