02 May 2012

The fairy tale love story.

I've surprisingly been getting a whole LOT of questions about everything that's going on here at the blog!
So, since I've never had frequently asked questions before, I decided to appease you and post about what ya'll are asking me!
And the basic question has been: 
"How did he do it and show me your dang ring, giiiiiirl!"
So here goes! If you don't want to read the whole long story, skip to the bottom for the proposal.

If you've been reading this blog for a while, you know that I'm a recent convert to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Way back in August, I was taking missionary discussions, and my missionaries happened to have two discussions planned at the same time, which meant they had to split up and have a guy from our ward be their companion instead. So in walks one of my missionaries, and Kendall Clark. I knew him a little from high school, because he was in wrestling with Jake, but I had never really been friends with him or known very much about him. The lesson goes by and the time comes that they need to leave, and after they're out the door, Katie says to me, "you could totally date Kendall."

What happened after that was crazy. I mean, it was a roller coaster of craziness. He comes to my baptism. Starts talking to me at ward activities. Likes my things on Facebook (what am I, in Junior High?). Then, a couple weeks after my baptism, I'm sitting on my computer, and a completely random message pops up on my screen. It was Kendall. Asking me to hang out with him that night.

I'm not one to be brave or to go out of my comfort zone in situations like these, especially when I'm already in bed, in my pajamas, eating ice cream, like most cool people do on Saturday nights. But something told me I needed to be brave. So of course, I did the opposite of what I would normally do, and I said yes.

After that night, we texted everyday and started hanging out more and more. Eventually we held hands. Eventually we kissed. Eventually we made it official. And in a fortunate series of events, we decided that we were perfect for each other, and wanted to be with each other forever.

Now, remember me saying I'm a convert? Well, converts have to deal with many challenges associated with their choices. One of my challenges was that my family was livid that I had chosen to be a Mormon. The idea of me also marrying a Mormon was unfathomable to them. So, we painstakingly waited for the right moment to tell my family. And then Kendall had "the talk" with my dad.

I didn't know how the talk went. I was scared all day. Kendall came and picked me up like nothing was happening and nothing had happened. He had no plans and asked me what I wanted to do. We decided to go eat at California Pizza Kitchen and stop at Barnes & Noble, then go back to his house for a movie.

We finish with our date and start heading back, when suddenly he turns off the path, and takes me down a different street. We stop in front of a house and he says "what's important about this place?" It was the place where I took my missionary discussions, where we first truly met. We drive away, back to his house. But he doesn't get out. He says "what's important about this place?" It was where we first told each other we loved each other, and where we spent so many nights telling each other how we felt. When we don't get out at his house, I know what's coming next. He stops at our friend Josh's house and says "what's special about this place?" It was the first place we kissed. We drive away, toward Main Street. When we get to the temple, we walk to the bench that we sit at every Sunday that we visit the temple. He asks me what's special about this place, and gets down on his knee.

It was so simple and perfect, and that's exactly why I love him.

The ring is pretty sweet too though, huh?


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  2. YEEEEEEEE! :) That's the noise I just made.
    You guys are so adorable. So happy for you, best friend.
    And in case all of you didn't read carefully, I was the one that put it into Brittany's head that she should date Kendall... so yeah. This is me, taking full credit for this beautiful couple... :)
    Hahaha love you.

  3. Katie! Why don't we just make it a double wedding while we're at it???(;

    Oh! and I love you Brittany! Kendall too! I was just too happy reading your cute little story(:

    1. Where's my ring, Tan the Man? Bring it on!

  4. awwww i'm gonna cry! that was so adorable. dat'a boy kendall! haha I love that your first kiss was a t Joshs! tee hee.

  5. Congratulations! What a sweet, sweet story.

    My husband and I were set up by the girl who introduced him to the church in high school. His family was very kind about him becoming a church member, but thought it was "just a phase." In all honesty, they thought that there could be worse phases he would go through and were nice about it.

    I made Devin's family very involved in our wedding planning to help them feel involved. We had a ring ceremony, but made sure people knew it was not the wedding. It was wonderful for Devin's family to be told the significance of eternal marriage and families and we were given time to talk about our thoughts on marriage and family. I spent much of my time talking about the blessing of having a family who was so supportive and the examples they provide us- they are wonderful people.

    I am not sure if that is helpful or not. Congratulations again!