15 May 2012

{Wedding Week} Day Two

Bachepartaphobia: the legitimate, serious fear of the events and conversations of bachelorette parties.

I totally found that on the internet somewhere. Deep, deep in the internet. You're so lucky you have me to do serious research on important topics such as these.

Before Friday, I'm pretty sure I suffered from this disease that plagues hundreds of women around the world. I actually told my maid of honor not to throw me one. Why would I want to be the center of what I like to call the "embarrassment party" while others torture and laugh at me as I cry and squirm? No thank you. Unfortunately, Katie has implemented the "maid of honor veto," which basically states that anytime she doesn't like my ideas, she can override me and make me do whatever she pleases.
And so became the bachelorette party.

I need to start by saying that my bachelorette party was probably one of the most fun days of my life. As much as I complained about not wanting one or being embarrassed to tears, I was shocked at how much I actually loved my bachelorette party, and that's all thanks to my wonderful maid of honor and bridesmaids. We began the night at Cadillac Ranch at Tempe Marketplace, which was so delicious. Good choice, me.

After dinner, we headed back to my apartment for desert, games, and the presents. Once everyone had settled in, Katie started a video that she had made where she interviewed Kendall and asked him questions about me and our relationship. She would pause the video before he could answer so I could answer, and if our answers didn't match up, I had to stick a marshmallow in my mouth and not eat it. It was pretty disgusting, I almost threw up, but it was still really fun and I'm sure entertaining for all my friends.

Then, the presents.

These are the only four pictures taken where I'm not making a disgusted face. I know what happens on wedding nights.. but I don't like knowing that everyone else knows what happens on wedding nights. I'm sure in about 3 days I'll be very happy that I had a bachelorette party.

A couple other things we did, in case you need to plan a bachelorette party in the future: decorating "lingerie" cookies with frosting and sprinkles, Katie had her sister write down a list of "things Brittany will say on her wedding night" based on my reactions to my presents, and a rubber band game where the words "bride," "bachelorette," and "cute" weren't allowed to be said, and whoever was left with the most rubber bands at the end of the night won a prize.

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  1. Haha! You're hilarious. Looks like a really fun time!