04 May 2012

Strep throat.

You heard it right, two weeks before my wedding, and I have strep throat!
Just my luck.

Well, there was good news and bad news in that first sentence.
My wedding is in two weeks!
I seriously couldn't be happier.
I'm marrying the love of my life, the most amazing person I've ever met.
Ok, I promise I'm done being mushy.
Here are some Instagram pictures I took while in my horrible state of strep-ness.

1. I spent my day catching up on summer reading and wedding planning!
2. Kendall's not the biggest fan of dogs, so there was much needed Sirius-Kendall bonding time during our showing of Willow last night. Kendall washed his hands immediately after this picture was taken.
3. Everything is more romantic in Spanish!
4. A preview of my bridal shower! My future sister-in-laws (Bree and Ashtyn), Katie and Kendal did such an amazing job and I can't wait to show you some of the pictures that Ashtyn took! 
(And yes, I had strep during my shower. Ha!)

Tomorrow me and Kendall are off to visit my family in California, and we're meeting them in my favorite place ever... Disneyfreakingland.
Hopefully by then the monster that is Strep will know it's not welcome in my favorite place ever. Ever.

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