07 May 2012

Cinco de weekend.

Yes, my Cinco de Mayo weekend was crazy and full of partying.
If you consider going to Disneyland with your family for the weekend partying, like I do.
I came home with a pretty bad "hangover," too.
(ahem, hangover meaning being really really ridiculously tired from walking around all stinkin day.) 
So that makes it legit, right?

This weekend, Kendall and I drove to Anaheim, California, to visit my family who drove down from Washington to go to Disneyland!
This was the first time Kendall was going to meet my family that lives there.
It was so much fun to spend the day in my favorite place with all my favorite people, especially my little brother who has autism. 
It was a hard day for him, but he made the best of it and really warmed up to Kendall.
So I consider it a successful weekend, full of happiness, Dr. Pepper, and churros.

How was your Cinco de Mayo?


  1. Disneyland for all the wins! I need to get my happy butt over there. Is that a tattoo on your brother???

    1. i know!!! we need to take you up on that $99 3-day park hopper too! and yes.. chris got a tattoo. my parents weren't very happy. he's like a body builder now too!

  2. I love disneyland!!! :) Just wanted to let you know that I'm having a giveway. Please check it out. Thanks!


  3. What a FUN weekend!! I am dyyyyying to go to Disneyland! And you two are the CUTEST :)

  4. disneyland and dr. pepper. what could be better?
    Seriously. I am so jealous, looks like you had a lot of fun!

  5. oh and PS. seriously being married and getting through school will be fine! I actually think I did the exact same as I did while I wasn't married, but I know Matt (the husband) did a lot better! Good luck!