11 May 2012

Splish, splash.

Yesterday was probably one of the weirdest days here in Arizona, like, ever. Well, maybe besides that whole haboob fiasco. One minute I'm outside swimming in the warm sun with little Miss Selah, and the next I hear the pitter-pat of rain drops on the roof of the house. Sometimes I think that Arizona's Mother Nature needs to be tested for bipolar disorder and get on some medication for that, pronto.

But it's also thanks to Mother Nature's condition that we had a beautiful day here today. I could have stayed outside all day! Kendall and his nephew Cannon met me and Selah (the little one I babysit) at the splash pad at Tempe Marketplace for some swimming, pizzaing, and icecreaming. Awesome verbiage.

In other news, I'm stressed beyond belief about my upcoming wedding. I don't know how people plan these things without going into the insane asylum. I just might need to be medicated soon.

I just keep reminding myself that it's all worth it, and the excitement will far out way the anticipation.


  1. Wow, good luck on your upcoming wedding. May you have a good one. =)


  2. looks like a beautiful day <3 :)

  3. oh my gosh, seriously, planning a wedding all by yourself or even with the help of someone is always so stressful!!! as long as you remember who the wedding is for (you and your mister) you will have so much fun, and everything will be perfect! :)
    xo TJ