29 April 2012


Well first off I want to say,
 "Dear Instagram, 
Thank you for living in my iPhone and making my pictures look artsy and pretty and like I might actually be talented at picture taking. And for helping me become a hipster. 
Forever yours, Brittany."

1. My best friend had a birthday, which naturally means I get to eat delicious red velvet pizookies. 
Happy birthday, Katie!
2. Since we last spoke, I have discovered that I'm allergic to milk.. I know what you're thinking. That chocolate soy milk looks delicious. And it was. Thanks future husband. I also discovered Nutella. Again, thanks future husband.
3. Bragging.
4. Bragging, again. I babysit the cutest girl in the world. So there.
5. Seriously, that face. That is the face me and Kendall are hoping to adopt in a couple weeks.
6. Yeah, we made a bed for her in a Walmart shopping cart. Because we're creative and stuff.
7. I figured out a new better way to do my hair. And I found my glasses.
8. My fiance started working with the kids I work with, so now we get to spend all day with each other! I have the best job ever, FACT.

This is my attempt at being a better blogger. Maybe I'll post Instagram pictures once a week. Maybe I won't.  But we all like to dream, and maybe I'll dream that my blog with be beautiful once again.

Maybe after finals.


  1. I am so giddy about the engagement thing still :)

    When are you going to show your ring?

    1. your wish is my command, my dear! :)