22 April 2012

No longer Brittany Lew Whoo.

Or, soon to be.

You may have noticed a few changes here at the ole' blog.
I'm so excited to announce that I'm engaged!
So soon enough, this blog will be all about me and my hubs and our adventures.
Which basically means I no longer have to pretend that my life is exciting, because it will be!
Well, I may still over-exaggerate.
Don't judge.

Welcome to the Diary of Lewis and Clark.


  1. Congratulations! You are adorable with him. I love these pictures and how petite you are. You are absolutely glowing.

    I loved my experience at BYU, but it was difficult. I loved learning from a gospel perspective and I loved the atmosphere. I don't think the school is for everyone, but it was definitely right for us :)

  2. Those photos are adorable, you two are so cute! Congrats!

  3. Congratulations and best wishes! (You know, congrats to the man and best wishes to the lady)
    Your photos are lovely...definitely good for framing in your new place together :)

  4. congrats! these pictures are so lovely.