20 January 2012

Once upon a horrible time..

A girl was very sick.
She moseyed miserably through her day with her achy body and stuffy nose.
Finally, when she got home, relief came in the form of a wonderful boy who took care of her all night.
He drugged her up and sent her off to dreamland.
The next morning, she awoke for class, and when she went to open her car door, she stumbled upon this.

So, basically, the boy is crazy about the girl and went out of his way before work to make her smile when she was feeling like death.
What a lucky girl.


  1. Absolutely. Adorable.

    What a keeper!

  2. Shut up. This is the sweetest story EVER! I mean... the sickly death part sounds awful. But the boy? You're SO lucky!

  3. This is freaking precious! You've got a good one, girl.