19 January 2012

Arizona girl.

A couple weeks ago, here in Arizona, we had a bit of a rainy week.
It got cold, and I got happy.
Being a native Arizonan means you don't get to be cold. Ever.
So when it is cold, you get to take out all your cute pea coats that you've been praying you could wear and you cross your cold little fingers that somewhere not too far away maybe has the magical white flakes to make your winter perfect.
And when you find out that, in fact, you are only 2 hours away from pure joy, you take a road trip with your friends and play in the snow all day long.

And maybe you're lucky enough to have a boyfriend who has a cabin, and get to spend the rest of your day playing scrabble and watching the Indiana Jones movies while cuddling in a blanket with his cute face.
Just maybe.


  1. I'm pissed. I've been here through it all and you don't even allow me to come along and enjoy the spoils of true love with you. You have a lot of making up to do Miss Lew Whoo

  2. aww i wish we had snow! your hair is so beautiful btw