13 January 2012


So, I have a confession to make.
I'm a crappy blogger, yeah yeah yeah.
But the reason I'm a crappy blogger is because I have a new friend of the boy variety.

He's seriously so wonderful.
I wasn't so sure about blogging about this before. I have a lot of posts that have to do with Jake, and I was kind of hesitant to post things about a new boy. I was having a blog-dentity crisis about whether I wanted to talk about my love life or just talk about my awesome self.
But I guess I'm going to be brave.
And we go on a lot of fun adventures, so it's about time you two were introduced.
Blog, Kendall. Kendall, Blog.


  1. congrats on your friend, the boy version! you two are cute together for sure. have a wonderful weekend.

  2. I Heart Brittany & Kendall.... Can you two adopt me when you get married??? please. (:
    -Brother #2

  3. It's always fun to have someone to do adventures with :)