20 June 2011

Thrifty, flirty, & thriving.

This weekend, Katie and I kind of did something a little crazy.
Something neither of us have ever done before.
And that friends and family were shocked to hear we had done.

We thrifted.

Calm down! We survived. More like, we sur-thrived.
I'll give you a little sneak peek of the things that I snagged while out thrifting with my besty.

1. This is the first thing I spotted when we walked into the "blouse" aisle, and I just loved the little buttons that came up at the neck.

2. The second beauty I spotted was a gorgeous silk front-tie shirt. I can't wait to wear this one!

3. Last but not least, my favorite of the lot, was this floral hunk of awesome with the classy pearl button at the top. I swooned over this, and once I sew it up I'm sure you'll be seeing way too much of me in it.

From our thrifting experience, we learned a few things.
1. Katie and I are allergic to thrifting. Seriously. Whatever that devil detergent is that they use to wash all the clothes made Katie itch all over and my lungs close up and suffocate me to death.
2. Despite being allergic to the universe, we actually enjoyed it and can't wait to go again!
3. $7.50 for 3 shirts?! Get outta town..

We also got free yogurt cookie sandwiches from Yodipity this weekend. Because we're thrifty.

The strange thing is, I don't think we were the most excited about these sandwiches of deliciousness.


  1. HAHA Yayyyyy!!! You've joined the dark side! We literally have cookies. and super awesome cheap clothes! This post made me so happy!

  2. LOVE IT! We are awesome and were successful thrifters even though we are slightly allergic. I didn't even break out in hives, which is an improvement for me.
    Oh and Justin's face makes me laugh :)

  3. Mmmm. Love me some good thrifting. Can't wait to see you in all your cute new clothes! And that I hear you on the itchy stuff. Every time I good to Goodwill or a thrift store, I feel like I should shower immediately, I feel cover in...old? haha