12 June 2011


No, not the fire kind.

And no, not on the beach either.
But this is pretty much what I've been doing for the past few days.
I got my new glasses, which I will blog about later, but honestly I haven't felt like taking pictures.
I brought my ukulele and guitar home, but I haven't felt like learning any new songs, or recording them.

So I've been reading!
I went to Barnes & Noble with my grandma a couple days ago, and I realized that I really do judge books by their covers.. And I picked a couple books I wanted to read because their covers were so dang pretty!
So far, I really like this book:

I'm the kind of person that likes almost any book, and I'm not a book snob either. I don't only read what everyone else likes or just the classics, if it has a good story and decent writing, I'm all for it!
And it was only $0.99, so that helps.
When I finish it, I promise I'll write a review. I just felt like I needed to blog!
And I have nothing more interesting going on in my life.

Happy weekend!


  1. First of all, cute new layout! It's so sunny for summer! Secondly, I haven't felt like taking pictures either lol my last blog was over a week ago. Crazy! And finally, I judge books by the cover too! I need suggestions for my summer reading too! So let me know! Lol. Also, you're super cute :) Love you girl!

  2. Your new blog layout looks like a happy summer's day! You are an awesome blog-layer-outer... that barely made any cents. Or sense. Enjoy kindling!
    K love you :)