17 June 2011

Like in a fairy tale;

I was marrying the prince, I just happened to be in love with the pauper.

So lately I've been spending my reading time with these books, The Trylle Trilogy by Amanda Hocking.

Synopsis: A young girl finds out that her whole life is a lie, and has to adjust to an entirely new way of living. Honestly, I can't say much about this book without giving away some of the surprises you receive when you're reading it.
What did I think of it?: I'm really not one to dislike books. I've only disliked one book in my life, and that was Everybody Poops, because obviously girls don't do those things. Duh. But every time I pick up a book, I'm moved by it in some way because you would assume that the book was published for a reason.. And though I enjoyed some of the lines and some of the story, I didn't feel very good about the ending. I felt like the book missed the point of what I thought it was about.

So there ya have it. A pretty cover, with an ok story inside.
But could you blame me for not wanting to pass up a book for $0.99? :)

*Quote from Amanda Hocking's book, Torn.

Also, thanks to everyone who commented yesterday and supported me. Love you all!


  1. You must go to St. Vincent De Pauls. You must. ALL their books are under 2 dolla. It's amazing. and there are some GOOOOOD BOOKS! I've been there twice and I've gotten 10 books total for like 6 dollars. it's beautiful!

  2. i'll definitely have to try it! i love books. :)

  3. Does this discredit judging books by their covers? The covers ARE very pretty though.
    P.S. You have only disliked one book in your life?! I knew you didn't hate Farewell to Arms as much as you said you did... :) You tricky little minx.

  4. haha no, because judging books by their covers is how i found my favorite book series, duh! and that was meant to be a joke, silly willy. of course i hated Farewell to Arms more than anything in the whole wide world!