05 June 2011

For myself.

Sometimes, I just want to do something for myself.
This week was stressful, as usual, and all I wanted all week was something that I could do for myself without worry what anyone else wanted me to do or say. Hopefully, after I get used to working so much and taking care of my grandma, I'll have more energy to do more for myself, and the list will grow week to week!

1. I made dinner! I love cooking, and I'm pretty dang good if I do say so myself.

2. I kind of splurged, but when I heard that Wal-mart was selling these beauties, I just couldn't resist.

This is seriously the best nail polish ever ever ever. It dries so fast and stays on so pretty. Their selection of colors is amazing! Lapiz of luxury, coat azure, water melon, French affair... I just can't stop raving about them.

This is the watermelon color. I'm not very good at painting my nails, so don't make fun of me! I'm just so in love with this color, it's the perfect color for summer and hanging out by the pool.
You should get some on your nails, like now.

3.I guess boyfriend wanted to jump on the "doing something for Brittany" bandwagon, because he brought me a little present!

It's no Yodip, but it sure was delish! Yogurtland will suffice.

Now I'm off to play some more Mario Kart!
Can't wait to read about your weekends.


  1. I'm so terrible at doing my nails! Mine always look way worse than that LOL! It's always good to take some time for yourself! You need it to keep up with your mental health :))

  2. You definitely make me want to go out and splurge on nailpolish right about now...darn it brittany!:)

  3. essie is so worth it because it stays on longer and goes on smooth. You lucky girl :)