29 June 2011


by the white.

Everyone knows I love my job. I adore the children I work with. If I didn't get paid to do it, I still would.
But I'm not gonna lie, this day off has been something like heaven.
And I have almost 3 weeks off!
It finally feels like summer, so it's about time that I get rid of this skin that just so happens to be only a shade darker than paper.

I don't even know why I tan. All I do is get more freckles.
It's the redhead's curse.
But maybe, just maybe, more freckles will give the illusion that I have a brilliant golden tan..
One can dream, right?

After I got done tanning, Jake pulled me into the pool and made me swim around with him.
It has been such a fun, relaxing day.
And a little goofy!


  1. Giiiirl, let me come tan wit choo :)
    Holla at me.

  2. cute. I just got my new swimsuit in the mail and can't wait to try it this weekend at the pool! What a relaxing day for you-- I'm jealous!

  3. Lol you're sooo white, but still so adorable! :)

  4. Yay for redheads!! And I totally say that it's the 'redhead's curse' too. Also, blue eyes being blinded in the sun, at least for me.