23 March 2011

She'd be better off shoveling snow.

-Richard Strauss, about me.

Just kidding. He didn't even know me. And you probably don't even know who he is. Unless you are currently studying for the music history exam, just like me!
But, seeing as I'm writing this, and you're reading it, that means that we are no longer studying.
Good, because music history is just about the worst class ever invented.
So I did something fun instead!

Notes on this video:
1. I look absolutely disgusting because my water heater in the apartment broke (ha!) so I couldn't take a shower this morning before class. Get over it.
2. The thumbnail makes me look like a sad puppy dog. I'll get over that some day.
3. That weird yelp at 0:34 is my roommate, not my dog. Literally smh (shook my head).
4. If I did daily outfits, this one would be one of the cutest, if I do say so myself.
5. When you mess up at the end of a video but don't have enough time to take away from studying to make another 3 minute and 37 second video, play it off like that's how it is supposed to be. Not that I did that, or anything.

Roomie and I are off to get coffee for studying. I don't even like coffee.
Happy studying, my little procrastinators!


  1. Love this song! You're awesome. :)

  2. What?! Who doesn't know Strauss?! It's so cool that you're taking music history. You have a lovely voice!

    ps: you SO don't look like a like a sad puppy dog on the thumbnail!