11 March 2011

I want everybody to be pea-green with envy!

Oh my goodness, if you guys could have seen Jake today!
Jake got his NROTC uniform at the beginning of this week, and today (technically yesterday, but still today because I haven't gone to sleep due to ridiculous amounts of studying) was the first day that his battalion wore them! Oh my goodness did he look good in them. I melt over a man in uniform!

Unfortunately, Jake won't let me post a picture of him in them. Sad face. Something about the Marines not doing that blah blah blah. Who cares if he gets in trouble if everyone can be jealous of how good mah man looks, right? Well, he thinks I'm wrong. So I got creative and found this:

Thank you, Google Images!
So just imagine this face and hot bod:

via Jake's old disgusting LG Chocolate and being far away in Virginia at OCS. Sad face.

in one of THOSE uniforms! Double swoon!
Plus, I don't know if you know this, but Jake is kind of a big deal. I'm bad at remembering these things, but Jake has the highest rank in his battalion! Commander something-or-other. It's a real rank. Look it up.
On his hatty-thing (also a real Marine term), he gets an Eagle Globe and Anchor, and he also gets these other pins that go on his collar that mean that everyone else has to salute him, even from Army and Airforce ROTC!
I'm dating a celebrity.

Well, if you like, they shall be green.

*Quotes from Margaret Mitchell's Gone with the Wind


  1. aww man!! Richard will only wear suits and ties to work. Possibly cufflinks.

    ...not the same as a uniform.
    I'm definitely green.

  2. WHAT IS SWOON???? But we can take a better photo one of the days at school or something :) nothing against that!

  3. Jake, you better be joking about not knowing what "swoon" means... noob.
    Brittany, this post is darling and hilarious!

  4. Ha. Any time you ever feel like gushing about military stuff, I'm here :) I miss living on an army base!