20 March 2011

No spring skips its turn

Long time, no blog!
That's ok though, because I was having way more fun in California with my best friends than blogging. 
But now that I'm out of Fantasyland (and Adventureland, and Toontown..) and back to Mesaland, I'm so excited to share my week with you guys!
Me, Jake, Justin, and my best friend Katie had an amazing adventure in California for Spring Break this week. Since me and Kater both lovelovelove blogging, we had to come up with a way for our readers to NOT hear the same story twice.
And this is what we came up with:

Spring Break: Top Favie Pictures

1. This is my best friend, Katie. This is us waiting for Justin to come out of his house so we can get our roadtrip on! We drove alllllll the way to Mission Beach listening to country and talking about girly girl things. Best. Roadtrip. Ever.

2. Justin sleeping in the back of the Jeep and missing all the fun.. What an idiot, right? If I could have left him on the side of the road, I would have. But then Katie wouldn't have anyone to sit next to on Space Mountain. So we kept him.

3. My awesome bib at Joe's Crab Shack. First of all, who decided it was a good idea for me to wait 20 years of my life NEVER going to Joe's? Someone rude, that's who. It was so delicious and the perfect meal after a fun day on Mission Beach. And yes, I'm trying to rock the top knot. :)

4. Also a Mission Beach picture. Jake and I just watching the water, being cute as usual. We thought it would be fun to take "candid" pictures as the sun was setting. NBD.

5. I love being at Oceanside Beach with my best friend. We have been coming to this beach together since 7th grade when we realized that our families were on the same beach at the same time (coincidence? I think not). And I did her loose wavy curls, because I'm a boss like that. We tanned all the day long and talked about tankinis. I totally bought one this weekend and I'm so excited to get it in the mail!

6. You know that commercial where that girl is reading her Kindle in the sun and there is that guy next to you trying to read his lametown iPad? Well the rumors are true! You can see the Kindle in the sun. And it is glorious. Basically, me and Katie spent all day reading and tanning on the beach. Because that's how we roll.

7. Katie was kind enough to take pictures of Jake and I frolicking on the beach. This one was  my favorite, mostly because it was the only one that didn't look like Jake was trying to throw me in the freezing cold salt water with my cute shirt on.. Typical boyfriend status.

8. In Disneyland, they have these cute little pins that will help you proclaim exactly what you're celebrating that day or week or whatever. Me and Jake got these pins because it was our anniversary weekend! When Katie and I were buying something at the Tower of Terror shop, the man at the desk asked me about my pin. I told him that my boyfriend and I had been dating for 4 years. He thought it would be funny to give me a "Just engaged!" pin, and write "I'm waiting!" on it as a "hint" to Jake. Then he gave Katie one that said "I'm waiting for my best friend to be Just Married!"
It made us LOL.

9. I'll have to admit this out loud, once and for all. I'm obsessed with Mickey shaped foods. I'm fascinated with them. I still don't understand how they made the Mickey shaped pretzel so perfect. These icecreams were perfection and made our tummies so happy after a rough ride on California Screamin'.

10. I love the new theme at Disneyland (or isneylan, according to this picture). I never really liked the Celebrate! stuff, and this is more classy and magical to me. I also love the way I edited this picture so you can kind of see us. And how frumpy I looked because I forgot a sweater so had to wear an Indiana Jones sweater over a skirt. HOT.

11. Our Disneyland tradition, clam chowder soup bowl in New Orleans Square. I really can't describe the party my mouth experiences when I eat this delicious meal when my feet are aching and my heart has exploded from joy. If you don't eat this when you go to Disneyland, you're seriously missing out.

12. Another Disneyland tradition is going on Space mountain last, because you always want to end the day zooming through space at hyper speed in the front row, right? Right. I also like to sacrifice sitting next to Jake on this ride to sit next to Katie since it's our favorite ride.

13. Last but not least in California, we went to my favorite restaurant, Ruby's. Oh my delicious. It has yummy shakes and burgers, and a beautiful view of the ocean because it is perched right on the end of the Oceanside pier.

14. These are the mugs that Jake and I made at As You Wish for our anniversary. I can't wait until they're done! They both turned out really good, if I do say so myself. We had an amazing anniversary, Jake bought me flowers, we went to the Air Force Air Show in the morning, then went to As You Wish before we finished our night at the Salt Cellar (our "place") in Scottsdale. If you have not been, find yourself a rich man or woman and force them to take you on a fancy date there.
It is to die for.

My Spring Break was so amazing, I hope that all my friends had just as wonderful a time as I did!
Do your homework tonight, and have a good week back at school, my friends!

For Katie's version of our trip, go here. :)

*quote by Hal Borland.


  1. Your post totally pwns mine!
    I love this! SO MUCH FUN!

  2. Is Jake rich? Lol. Where do I find a rich man who can take me to the Salt Cellar?

  3. Haha, oh Jessica. I paid for dinner. :)

  4. So, i'm so happy that you are stalking me beacause i have been stalking you for the past two weeks. Creeper right?:) So first of all, i am SO jealous of you because Oceanside and Disneyland are my two favorite places in the world! And second, I luh-huv your hair color. In all of these pictures I'm keep thinking, wow her hair is so purdy. Thought you should know!

  5. Ummm I just got around to reading this and it is fantastic! You are a natural blogger! I love it! PS I love Joe's Crab Shack! I go 24/7.