13 March 2011

It only takes a moment...

for spring break to be over and you have to go back to your horrible 8 classes and being scared of failing everything.. so I'm going to make the best of this break!
So far, my spring break has been so great!
 It started out Friday with having Friday Best Friend Time. Katie came over and listened to me and Jake bicker over a test that we had to take for one of our online classes, then Katie and I went on a wild goose chase to find the camera repair shop since my camera decided to jump off my table and break it's face. True story. We were going all fine and dandy when my navigation suddenly went crazy, and took me over 20 minutes out of the way! We got at the place at 5:03... and OF COURSE it closed at 5.
 I'm not supposed to have a camera, I guess!

After that craziness, we went to the mall to get my bridesmaid's dress for my good friend Krista's wedding, then did a little shopping at Forever before we had to meet Amber, Jessica, and Lauren at Hale Theater.
We met up with our friends to see Hello Dolly! which Amber's boyfriend is a lead in!


It was so cute! I wish that we still wore those cute southern bell dresses and had social norms, like in Gone with the Wind! It would be perfect.
{ btw, that isn't Amber's boyfriend ;) }

After the show, we were walking back to my car to drive to wherever we were going to eat, and Katie's eyes landed upon one of the most beautiful sites of all time. A princess carriage. We decided to be daredevils and take pictures on it before anyone came out and noticed!

After we got done climbing all over this beauty, Amber's boyfriend called:
Thomas: "Hey, where are you guys?"
Amber: "Outside by the carriage! We decided to go to Applebee's!"
Thomas: "Awesome! Don't touch the carriage!"
Amber: "Umm..."
Then our fairy god mother conjured up a horse and we drove the carriage to Applebee's
And by that I mean we took my jeep. It's so fun to just hang out with friends and eat! I didn't stop laughing the whole time we were there.

Yesterday, Jake and I hung out most of the day! He pretty much had to, because he was leaving for San Diego in the morning and I would miss him oh so much! We watched TV for a while, then we went to Oregano's with my dad! I sure do love Oregano's. Even if we have to wait 45 minutes to be seated! We had so much fun and ate too much food.

Today I worked with my little Olivia. She's so sweet and loves when I sing to her. She makes me so excited to be a music therapist.
 After work I came home and practiced some music and watched Sister Wives. I don't care what anyone says, I like that show! It made me want to watch Big Love (and I LOVE that Gigi from He's just not that into you is on that show) but it's not on Netflix. Sad day!
This is a really good start to spring break. I can't wait for Oceanside and Disneyland this week with my best friends!

I'm off to church. Happy Sunday!!
It only takes a moment, to be loved a whole life long.

*Quotes from Hello Dolly.


  1. CUTE!! I love how yours and Katie's posts about friday are pretty much the same. And I'm finally following you guys' blog! Blog stalking is awesome!

  2. Haha yes they are very similar, but Brittany's is way better! I loooove when Jessica blog-stalks us :)

  3. katie, watchutalkinbout?! yours is way better! i just didn't know how to tell the story in a different way... haha.