26 March 2011

A funny mess.

This phrase, said by a Jesterz improv-er, basically describes my last 24 hours.
Along with this picture:

Honestly, I'm surprised in still alive.
My terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day:
1. Professors being jerks and schedules tests all on the same day the week after spring break.
2. Staying up all night with my friend Jessica studying for these exams, with the help of some RockCraps and Burkholder's A {Ridiculously Long and Boring} History of Western Music.
3. Not being used to caffeine and feeling sick all morning. Thanks, RockCraps.
3. Bombing every test that I took today. So the all-nighter was futile.
4. Taking the bus because no one could take me home after my horror scenes, then having my bus driver try anything in his power to kill me (i.e., punching it before I could sit down sending me flying through the bus, abrupt stops, hopping curbs, swerving like a madman, etc.).
5. {DISCLAIMER: this is pretty gross. Move on to #6 if you get queasy easily.} Going to the bathroom at the Tempe Transit Center, right next to a woman who was having some obvious stomach problems. I mean, literally, sounded like she was exploding every few seconds. And at each explosion would say "oops" or "that felt good." And then I threw up.
6. Having to take another bus, with another horrible bus driver. I had to do the preggo mommy breathing the entire time and try to keep bathroom girl out of my mind.
7. Getting home, so excited to go to sleep, and finding out that I'm too tired to sleep. So I laid in bed for an hour and a half before I could actually fall asleep.
8. Waking up way sooner than planned because I yet again had to go to the bathroom. Thanks again, RockCraps.

But what goes down, must come back up, right?
My wonderful, marvelous, fabulous, very good day:

1. Going to Jesterz. Let me tell you, they are fantastic. Hilarious. Fairly clean for comedy skits. I have been twice now and it is seriously such a fun thing to do on a Friday night out! It cheered me up immediately.
2. Reaching into my purse and finding a full Yodipity stamp card, and realizing that I would be receiving a free cup of joy. It was a miracle.
3. Chocolate is supposed to make people happy, so I went with York Patty yogurt, thin mints, and brownie bites. Mmmm, happiness overlooooooad!
4. Crayons & Jessica's birthday! And all my beautiful friends who I got to spend the best part of my day with {Amber, Katie, and Lauren}. 
Happy birthday to Jessica!
5. My best friend. She always makes my day.

Proof that I survived!

{Daily outfit syle}

I hope you survived this Friday, too.


  1. OMG, the woman in the bathroom! Seriously?! Gross.

    I hate sucky days, hope your weekend gets better! :)

  2. Oh my! That is one rough day! But I am glad you had an amazing evening my dear Brinnald Lew. I love you! Hopefully the picture bentley and I sent put a smile on your face!

  3. So glad that your day got better! All's well that ends well :)

  4. Jester'z is AWESOME!!! I love them! I was there last Friday :)

  5. Tests the week after spring break should be outlawed! Seriously messed up haha


  6. Just wanted to let you know that I got the owl print from this etsy shop:


    They have tons of beautiful prints! :)

  7. Aww I love it! And I love the picture with the picture and the yogurts! Super cute. So the lady in the bathroom?? That is just weird and disgusting, and I can't believe she actually said those things out loud!! Did it really make you throw up?