08 March 2011

It's night before it's afternoon.

I really shouldn't be up this late. And if I am up this late, it should be because I'm practicing piano, doing theory homework, or playing android Word Friends Scrabble with Katie.

But there is a man in my life. This man keeps me up all hours of the night, tempting me with his sweet music, cute face, and silly jokes. He is the reason I refuse to go to sleep. I can't imagine my nights without him.

via NBC

Oh Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy.
I love when you reflect as Bieber, and I love when you're bothered as Edward. I love when you beat people at beer pong, and I love when you sing all 5 octaves on the piano. And I secretly love that you're the reason I'm not sleeping.

I'm a Jimmy Fallon fangirl.
Are you?

How did it get so late so soon?
*Quotes from Dr. Seuss.

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